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About SAFEFUNDS, LLC. is an Indiana corporation established in 1999 and is registered with the Indiana Secretary of State. Safefunds complies with all regulations of the U.S. Treasury Department.

Safefunds is designed to be clear, easy to understand, easy to use, and unsurpassed in security. Compare Safefunds with any other similar service and you’ll find has very clear terms and conditions, very reasonable cost, and provides a very high level of real client service and protection.

Safefunds serves both commercial and individual members located in 112 countries around the globe every day, providing total protection for both buyers and sellers in high value transactions. From a single item purchase to a multi-party, complex payment agreement, Safefunds provides the total solution.

Safefunds is an affiliated company of Horwitz & Associates, Inc., an IBM Business Partner. Horwitz & Associates has been developing financial software systems for America’s leading corporations since 1976. For over thirty-eight years, companies across the U.S and Canada have depended on Horwitz & Associates to install and support reliable, secure, financial control systems. Nearly four decades of success form the root of the Safefunds system.

The Safefunds system is hosted by Horwitz & Associates on IBM servers using proprietary IBM technology for extra security. The servers are maintained 24x7 by the IBM Corporation. Member data, both online and tape backups, never leaves the control of our own staff. Members need have no concerns about third parties having access to their information or any information being lost on the way to storage or being out-sourced offshore. All employees are bonded individually and the firm carries an additional $1,000,000 umbrella coverage.


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