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Fraud Alert

May 15, 2016. Be aware of a FRAUD on Craig's List about renting apartments. Emails come from or That is not us. We are Never send money to anyone using our name or something similar ot our name unless you have an account wiht us and send the money exactly as instructed on our secure web site to your OWN Safefunds account.

Safefunds NEVER provides payment checks to non-members. If you receive a Safefunds check and you are not a member making a withdrawal from your Safefunds account directly with us; the check is fraudulent.

Do NOT send any funds to us if YOU did not open your account yourself. We do NOT use Western Union or MoneyGram.

If you are a seller, do NOT ship goods until you log on to your Safefunds account and see the transaction has a status of IN RESERVE and the funds appear in your Account Balance as a pending receipt.

You must have enrolled as a Safefunds member to use our system. The SAFEFUNDS system requires that all funds are received by and disbursed through SAFEFUNDS. Any listing claiming to have goods in a SAFEFUNDS warehouse is a fraud. SAFEFUNDS does not operate any warehouses. Any listing claiming to use SAFEFUNDS but asking you to send funds directly to the seller is a fraud. SAFEFUNDS transactions including the sales / purchase agreement and the funds management are only done via the SAFEFUNDS secure member site. Both parties must have SAFEFUNDS member identifications and use the SAFEFUNDS site for the entire transaction. A SAFEFUNDS transaction can ONLY take place through the SAFEFUNDS secure member site.

Never send money in any form directly to the seller of an item. Only send funds to SAFEFUNDS at the SAFEFUNDS' account shown on the secure member website.

Never follow a link received in an email to the SAFEFUNDS web site. Always type the address in your browser yourself to be sure you are going to our website. Never enter any personal information into any website that is not secure.

Our U.S. based Customer Service Group is available to speak with you about this issue from 8:00 AM to 5:00 P.M Eastern time, Monday thru Friday at 1-888-565-4187.


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