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Safefunds is the safest way to buy online Safefunds is the most secure way to make purchases, sell products or services, and complete business on the web. Every transaction, at any price, is fully protected. From a single item to complex multi-party agreements, Safefunds works for both individuals and businesses.


The Safefunds system is the only service combining online funds protection and transaction management to provide absolute security for both sides of any business transactions. Learn how Safefunds works and read what our members say about our service.

Setting up a Safefunds account is fast and FREE. Using the system couldn't be easier. Safefunds was designed to simplify, manage, and protect online transactions for both individuals and businesses without confidential financial information or credit card numbers. Compare Safefunds to other services.

Safefunds transactions are totally FREE for Buyers and very low cost for Sellers. There are NO minimum balance fees and NO account maintenance fees. Become a Safefunds Member today.

Plus, Safefunds' members have access to our exclusive Item Verification Service and our Special Transactions Service for pay master service, unique situations requiring custom solutions, multi-party transactions, or document services.

Additionally, Safefunds provides a suite of profit enhancing services for high value auctions.


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Safefunds Deals Commerical Services for Broker / Middleman Transactions.
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