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SAFEFUNDS Pay Master Services Worldwide
(for regular buyer-seller transaction information Click here.)


Safefunds is the safest way to buy online
Safefunds provides global, confidential, commercial service for all types of special transaction management including multi-party transactions, trigger point payments, and complex performance transactions.
Safefunds paymaster service is a separate offering and additional detailed documentation is required for members using this product.

There is no maximum amount nor minimum amount for pay master services. The exact fee depends on the management services required. Typical fees range from one quarter percent (.25%) for large transactions to one per cent (1.00%) on small amounts. (For example fee information click here.)

Safefunds pay master service is perfect when a group of separate entities need a neutral party to manage a transaction involving multiple buyers and/or sellers and to monitor the payments to the participants.

Safefunds also handles the need of accumulating and managing payments from multiple buyers until a specific event authorizes the transaction to be paid. An example is an limited investment offering with a minimum capital requirement.

Because we can custom tailor our service to meet the unique requirements of each transaction, please contact us at 1-888-565-4187 (USA) or +1-317-819-1026, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time (GMT-4) for more information and a custom quotation to meet your unique needs. If you prefer, send an email to Safefunds Pay Master Services Group for assistance.


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