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SAFEFUNDS International Service

Unique services for international clients

With Safefunds, our international members have an easy way to securely hold funds in the U.S. based Safefunds account and to be ready to take advantage of all opportunities to quickly trade around the globe. All member funds are held in U.S. banks and valued in U.S. dollars. Members have online access to control their accounts. Deposits and withdrawals are by SWIFT wire and all currencies are available. There is NO easier way to speedily and safely conduct international transactions.

The features of our service

  • Quick account setup online for free. It only takes five minutes and your account is open and ready to receive your funds.
  • There is no limit on balance amounts.
  • There is no limit on how long your funds may remain in your account.
  • Your may deposit any amount into your Safefunds account and accumulate a balance to the level you need.
  • You have online access to your account from anywhere in the world.
  • If your potential transaction with another Safefunds member is not successful, you may withdraw any or all of your account balance as you wish.


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Safefunds Currencies Accounts and transactions are in U.S. dollars. International activity is converted to U.S. dollars.
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